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Chronic Pain-network


The Story of my Life with Interstitial Cystitis
The Internal Infusion Pain Pump:
Side-Effects: Internal Infusion Pain Pump
Your Rights as a Pain Patient
What People are doing to make a new life!
Guidelines to Evalutate a Pain Center
Your First Visit!
What is Pain, anyway?
Breakthrough Pain!
The Myth of Addiction
Drug Reactions
Weight Lose, Exercise, and Chronic Pain
Been There, Done That!
Note Book!
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Favorite Links
You can see how others live with Pain.
Favorite Links

On this page you will find a list of links to other web sites that I enjoy:

- Two great sites with medical information are:


-To Lose weight contact 
  Medifast Health Advisors:                            
  Talton at 731-784-3774
  Barbara at 731-784-  2102
- Or go to the Medifast website: 

- For more information on the Internal Infusion Pain Pump:

-To locate a Physician that works with the Internal Infusion Pain Pumps:

- If you'd like to send an e-mail card then use:

Flavia is a wonderful site for sending that special card. It is my favorite. is a great choice for sending all kinds of cards.

"Despair is never justified, because it is never needed. We
are here to learn, to experiment, and to make mistakes. We
don't need to judge ourselves harshly; we just need to take life one step at a time, not worrying about other people's
judgment of us, nor measuring ourselves by their measuring sticks. We need to forgive ourselves and be grateful for the things that help us grow. Our most severe challenges
will one day reveal themselves to be our greatest teachers."
By Betty J. Eadie.

This is a site that helped me deal my illness & her three books were a inspriation to me. Not only with my illness, the death of my beloved mother in-law Nancy Graves, and those days when life is just to hard to indure anymore! 

Embraced by the Light

Looking for a book to that could help you with decisions that can effec't you:

If you like to do a search try Lycos and Hotbot:

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SEARCH:Tripod The Web

This board is dedicated to the people that have always been their when I needed them:

My Husband Talton Graves.

My mother Barbara Wirt.

My father Lou Wirt.

My father in law James (Big Boy ) Graves.

My mother in-law Nancy Graves, who showed me how to live with the love of God and family. She died of Cancer
Dec.21, 2000.

My brother Jack Wirt, and his wife Lisa.

The Bargers: Diane, Brian, Katie, Amy, and John.

The Minchers: Nancy Jane, Mark,Wade, Allison.

The Holladays: Carol, Christer, Sarah, and J.P.

The Gosnells: Missy, Dough, Rachel, and Justin.

My best friend Sharon Lowery.

All of whom I love dearly, and in return make me feel so special and loved, as only a family could. God new what he was doing when he when he brought me together with all these people. We are a family and as a family we will take things together and work them out. God has granted us the special gift of love that is found in a family, and knowing that you have that love can make things seem a little less difficult and a whole lot easier! They always seem to know when I need them the most. Bless you all!

Methodist Pain Institute:

Methodist Volunteer Hospital

Memphis, TN.

Dr. Daniel Brookoff-Director


        Semmes Murphy:

  Dr. Feler-Neuro Surgeon

Becky Powel-Dr. Feler's Private Nurse

And most of all to God for putting all these people in my life, and for answering my prayers in ways that I would never have dreamed of.

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A Payer:
I am thankful for my friends!
Dear God,
I'm writing to say I'm sorry For being angry yesterday When you seemed to ignore my prayer And things didn't go my way
First, my car broke down I was very late for work But I missed that awful accident Was that your handiwork?
I found a house I loved But others got there first I was angry, then relieved When I heard the pipes had burst!
Yesterday, I found the perfect dress But the color was too pale Today, I found the dress in red Would you believe, it was on sale!
I know you're watching over me And I'm feeling truly blest For no matter what I pray for You always know what's best!
I have this circle of E-mail friends, Who mean the world to me; Some days I "send" and "send", At other times, I let them be.
When I see each name download, And view the message they've sent; I know they've thought of me that day, And "well wishes" were their intent.
I am so blessed to have these friends, With whom I've grown so close; So this little poem I dedicate to them, Because to me they are the "Most"!
So to you, my friends, I would like to say, Thank you for being a part; Of all my daily contacts, This comes right from my heart.
God bless you all in my prayer today, I'm honored to call you "friend"; I pray the Lord will keep you safe, Until we write again.
God Bless You, Have Great Day!!!!


Chronic Pain-network!
Kimberly Graves
May God Bless You All!
Remember, that you never know what is around the next corner waiting for you!