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What is Pain?

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- Patients in bad pain don't get high or europhoric. They use meds to get back into their lives. Patients not in pain, take the meds to get euphoric. Current research demonstrates that the risk for addiciton is minimal for chronic pain patients.

- But one type of addiction can occur and will be caused by physicians. Pseudoaddiction begins with poor pain management. The patient is given some pain medications, which work for them. Encouraged, they then ask for more and are met with anger from their medical care team. The patient becomes angry and the team gets frustrated thinking "you only want the medicine I don't want to give you." The team then avoids and isolates the patient. Isolation is the worst form of suffering of all....and leads to a crisis ( sometimes sucide ). This disease is caused by medical care providers......

When the caregiver tells the patient he's bad.. that's the worst thing we can do. Who are they serving when they accuse you of being an addict...or that it's your fault that your are suffering? There is hope, strenght and healing for everyone. Don't let anyone separate you from your hope and strength. Anyone who tries to is not on the right side, your side.

Find people who will help you restore your life. We can heal the pain. We have medicines that work!