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Chronic Pain-network
Chronic Pain-network
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Chronic Pain-network
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I've had my pain pump for over three and a half years. It is only now since I put up this web site that I've come to know that some of the problems that I am having are really side effects. It's also nice to know that you're not alone in having some of these side effects.  Through sharing infomatioin we can help to know what medication should be given to reduce the side effects. 

A few examples are:

a. Nausea- A good medication for that is called Zofran it does not have the side effects of phenergan, etc.

b. Jerking of Muscles- This is seen mainly at night when you go to bed. I take a muscle relaxer at night.

c. Muscle spasms around catheter site may be helped with a tens unit by Rehibilicare, that I can use when the muscles in my back start to hurt. Some times I have to wear it, both day and night.  Even if I double up on my muscle relaxers and pain medication they do not work with out the use of the Rehabilicare Tens unit. Thanks to the use of the rehabilicare Tens unit it has made the number of days that I suffer nearly nothing.
 Also I have some walking tapes by Leslie Sansone that are very easy. I have found if I do them at least three to four times a week the spasms seem to go away.

d. Clothing- this is where you have to give up style for pain control. Look for clothing that is either elastic all around, draw string, or stretch material. It's either comfort or pain. Also you probaly will have to go up a size to fit the pain pump.

e. Weight- don't get upset if your weight goes up, it's just one of the many things you have to deal with. Even with exercise tapes it's hard to keep it down. Let's face it we just can not be as active as we were before we had to deal with chronic pain.

How I lost weight:
*I finally found a diet that I can stay on, not have hunger pains, and lose weight quick.  I lost 20 pounds in three weeks.  It's great to be back in a smaller size again. Another advantage is that you do not lose your muscle tone, and it is full of soy protein, and vitamins...even when you reach the weight you can drink a couple a day just to stay healthy.  For the first time in years I have engery.  It feels like a light has come on again.
 It comes in shakes, protein bars ( like candy bars), oats, and soups.  They also have different diets for certain health problems.  I can tell you that it tastes great and satifys my craving for sugar,  you do not go hungery, and you do not lose muscle mass. 
For information or to place a order please contact Health Advisor, Barbara Wirt, at 731-784-2102 for Medifast, Take Shape for Life.

f. Craving- craving sugar is one of the hardest things for me to deal with. I was already a sugar addict. Women that have been pregnant say that it's like the terriable craving that they get during pregnacy.

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