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Living with pain every day of your life takes its toll. If you were like me, I was taking morphine for my pain and I either stayed in the bed or on the couch. After a while my muscles begain to hurt and ache, and I started to gain more and more weight. So I decided that I had to do something.  The next thing I did was to look at how I was eating and see what I could change.  I tried to modify, and change my diet, along with adding an hour a day of exercise.  Unfortunately it did not work!  Most of the medications that I was taking had one side effect in common........that was gaining weight. 
It was at this time that a good friend of mine told me about how much weight that she had lost on Medifast.  You had four shakes a day of your choice, and a protein bar (it tastes just like a candy bar, except that it is good for you).  I thought to myself that not only could I lose weight but I could take care of the sugar cravwing that comes from taking pain medication.  What was even better was the price on all the food that I needed for each run's around $60.00 a week for everything or $200.00 a month.   That includes everything that you need to eat for a month.  You can't buy regular food in a month for that amont of money. 
Some of the choices to eat or drink are: oats, shakes ( French Vanilla, Dutch Choc., Strawberry, Orange, and Orange Pinepple, soups, and Protein bars:  Choc. Devine,  Choc. Peanut Butter, Oatmeal Rasin, Choc. Double Berry, Yogurt Coated Lemon Fantasy, Choc. Mint, Diabetic bars, soups, and oatmeat ).   
They also have a line of food designed for:  Womens Health, Diabetics, Healthy Heart, Lactose Free, Womens Sports Drink, Bio-Engineered Drink, and Joint Health. 
It is easy to prepare the food, for example the shakes:  Take 6 to 8 ozs of water and add to the shake of you choice.  Then add ice cubes and blend until it is the way you like it.  You can also add things like flavoring, or suger free pudding to the shake.  There is a recipe book that shows you how to make a varity of different shakes.  So I don't think you will get bored!
As you begin on the plan and the weight begain to see the weight start to melt away with out lose of muscle mass.  I was so exicted!  After three weeks I had lost 20 pounds and I was wearing the clothing that I had not be able to put on in years.  If you would like to learn more about Medifast than go to: then if you decide that this is something that you want to do you can call Health Advisor's: 

Talton Graves at 1-731-784-3774, or email him at:                                

Barbara Wirt  at 1-731-784-2102, email her at: 

For those of you that are really over weight, or have health problems please talk to your doctor first before starting the diet.
Exercise is a big part of getting into shape.   I would advise doing simple, but effective cds/vcrs until I get in shape.  Some of my favorite tapes to exersice to are :
1) Leslie Sansone-1 mile walk.
2) Leslie Sansone: Walk away the pounds-2 mile walk
3) Leslie Sansone: Walk away the pounds-3 mile walk
4) Leslie Sansone: Walk away the pounds-4 mile walk
5) Leslie Sansone: Walk away the pounds - High
    Calorie Burn.
4) Leslie Sansone: Walk Away the Pounds - Get up and get started.
5) Leslie Sansone: Walk Away the Pounds - Walk and Firm Fat Burner.
6) Leslie Sansone: Walk Away Weights.

I hope that you will find something here that will work for you.  No one wants to end up looking like you've gained 20 to 50 pounds.  You just have to start looking at what you can do and make the choice to start today!

Chronic Pain-network!
Leslie Sansone exersice programs.