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What to Wear

What to wear? That is a question that I ask myself daily. I look in my closet and find myself looking at cloths that my grandmother would wear. You know the kind with elastic in the waist, made out of strech material. A lose fitting dress with a little jacket, or a top to wear over the dress will do if you rather not wear pants for a while. The top covers up the pump so that no one else will know. Then to add insult to injury I have to buy clothing in a bigger size. One side of me is a whole size larger then the other. Not to say that I'm not thankfull for what God has given to me, in the form of a pump. I just wish someone would make clothing that would fit a person that has a pump. Since I'm not that good at sewing I leave that up to you to find someone that can. Be warned that when you leave from the hospital bring something lose to wear home. If you don't the pants will pull up on the pump. By pushing it in you will end up taking pain meds just to be in fashion. I quess if it was easy they would put pumps in everyone. I have to say thank you Lord for giving me back my life, and it is up to me to learn to live with this new part of my body.

I found a site that will custome make your clothes to your exact mesurements.  It is:  Those of you that have a pump know how hard it is to find clothes that look good on you.  I think this is the answer.  Just measure the side where the pump is, and the measure the other side.  Finally something that fits!!!!!

Chronic Pain-network