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Chronic Pain-network
Message Boards
The Story of my Life with Interstitial Cystitis
The Internal Infusion Pain Pump or Intrathecal Drug Delivery:
Chronic Pain-network
Your Rights as a Pain Patient
Guidelines to Evalutate a Pain Center
Your First Visit!
Drug Reactions
Weight Lose, Exercise, and Chronic Pain
Been There, Done That!
Message Boards
Give Your Doctor a Checkup
On know! My Pain Clinic is closed!!

Here you can come to share your story, talk about something that you feel strongly about, or need a question answered, try the Message Boards. If you like to talk then the Chat Room has been provided. Have fun, and remember that you are ladies and gentlemen. See you there!


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The information that you will find here comes from people like yourself that are hurting. Hopefully you will find something that may help you, or you may help someone else.