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The first thing to do is to start asking around where you live and see who is the best lawyer for getting Disability . Find out if he takes the case when you first get the paper work, or wants to wait till you've been turned down the first time. Then prepare for a huge moutain of paper work that they will send you. It is important to keep copies of everything that you get from the state, and every record that you send to them. This will help you in answering your questions, because they ask the same ones in different ways over and over again. They do this to see if they can trip you up with your answers. After you have turned in the paper work for the first time you will get a letter telling you that you have been turned down. Don't get worried about this because it happens to everyone!

Some questions to ask your lawyer are:

1) Do you charge extra for any records that they have to get from your doctors or the hospital. The answer should be no, because Social Security sets the amount that they paid, and that is 40% of you back pay up to $4,000.

2) Do you have to pay for the long distance calls, and for all the paper work that they have to get from each The answer is the same as above.

One thing you will have happen is that they will send you a form that should have been returned the next day. That stopped as soon as my lawyer stepped in. I can't begin to tell you the nightmare that I went through before I found the right laywer for me. Ask them how many disability cases have they had, and what percent of rate did then win? You really do not want someone that is just starting to work, or someone that doesn't really care about who you are. Get out those phone books and start interviewing them to see who best serves your needs.

Medicare Insurance starts two years from the time you are backed paid. For example if you get back paid a year and a half then your Medicare Insurance will start in six months.

Try to remember one thing through out the time that it takes to get disability, and that is PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE!!! Good luck and God bless you.

Disability Resources on the Internet:

National Organization on Disability:

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