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Chronic Pain-network
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The steps that we go through acepting our illness are the same as what people go through execpting Death of a loved one. The stages of death and denial can also be seen in people that have a serious illness/injury. Read this web-site on Death and Denial and maybe you will get an idea of what you are going throug. Or possible you may know someone that is going through this and could use your help. Having a chronic illness is a major event in someones life. The more me know about what to expect, the better we are prepared to face the illness.

Below is a site that addresses the steps of death and denial. Remember this information can be used in instances such as a patient with an uncurable disease, or one that is dealing with pain evey hour of the day or night. Hopefully these steps will help you to deal with what you are going through. Something you need to understand is that we all go through them, sometimes they are not in the same order, but we do go through them. The important thing is to have faith in God, and let him help you work through these steps together. ss.htm


The Chronic Pain-network