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Chronic Pain-network
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Been There, Done That!
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Tips that can help that can help you:
  • Exercise:  Try doing Yoga it strenghtens, tones, help you lose weight and reduces stress and tension.  A good tape to start with is New Yoga Basice for Beginners by Kathy Smith, and then try Yoga Mind & Body by AliGraw.
  • Some side effects of morphine are: Craving sugar, itching, and nausea.  Don't worry about the itching, and nausea because your doctor can give you medication that will stop the side effects.  When your pain level gets this bad you have to learn to take extra medication so you can break the pain cycle.
  • Clothing should be worn for the comfort of the patient, and not for the style.  Try wearing cloths that have elastic in the waist that goes all around.  
  • Boredom:  this is one of the biggest problems that I have found to date.  Sometimes I think the walls are going to close in on me because I've been in the house so long.  This is something that you will have to think of for yourself.  Remember to find hobbies that you can do that do not make your pain worse.  Try something like reading, sewing, do your family tree, get on the computer and find sites that you can enjoy...........
  • Keeping a note book is a very usefull tool for both you and your doctor.  Have things in it like what medications that you are taking, how much, when to take it,  tests,  hospital and office visits.  This might even help you with your charges on your stay in the hospital.   By doing this you can make it easier to find the right medication quickly and cut the cost of your stay down.

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